Where to Find Hookers Near Me

Where to Find Hookers Near Me
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Who doesn’t wanna know where to find some prostitutes near them?

If you are looking for the classy type of girl who just casually sells her ass for an extra income, or even the hair-pulling, teeth-baring harridans that will do anything for a buck. Yeah, they exist. You just have to know where to look.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find some hookers, dammit! In this article below, I will go over the tips and tricks on how you can get some white pussy easily. So besure to read on!

Hookers Near Me

What are “Casual encounters”?

There is a section of craigslist that’s dedicated to posting classified ads without any compensation. It’s also one of the more popular sections on Craigslist and it gets a large volume of traffic. The kind of people who advertise under Casual Encounters could be prostitutes and casual sex partners (definitely no strings attached) or even regular people looking to meet someone for fun.

Backpage and Craigslist the good old days

Believe it or not, you can easily find sex only on craigslist or Backpage in the good old days. I have found many that way, and the girls are not bad looking at all. For me personally I enjoy fucking white girls ranging from Teen 18+ years old all the way to Milf status (Milf = Mom’s I would Like to fuck). I guess everybody has their own tastes. As an Asian Male, the grass seems to looks greener on the other side right? Most Asian guys are either on a business trip coming to the United States or other western nations for the first time, or they just grew up in that western country and are just sexually curious about the white girls that are around them. For me, I personally think that white girls are hot, and I have spent most of my life fucking them.

Where to Find Hookers Near Me

I have used Craigslist and Backpage a lot in the past to find some girls and fuck them in my area.

Craigslist is definitely used to be one of the best places to find girls, but not every girls are the type you are looking for. Some girls have ads that says they are 18+, but they are not. This could be a scammer or a girl who is under the age of 18 years old. For those who are looking for some type of protection, you will have to look for a prostitute that has some kind of security or verification.

A lot of the girls on craigslist are actually good looking, but they don’t want to give away their real names, so you can’t see their picture. This is where it gets interesting and fun, once you fucked few good ones. It’s good to get their numbers so in the future, if you need to relief some stress or just wanna fuck and pound some white girls pussy. It’s as simple as speed dial.

You just gotta be quick to pick up the phone and call

Backpage was a newer site, but is actually a pretty good place to find some girls for casual sex. It’s easy to use and to find girls, but the girls are not as good looking as craigslist. Some girls are actually in high school or college, but they are all hot and will be willing to fuck for some extra cash. You just gotta pick your battles.

Craigslist is pretty easy to use, so it’s the one that I use for the most. Backpage is just a newer site, so the girls are not as experienced as craigslist. For those who are looking for some fun, then I suggest using both.

Now if you were to ask me how many white girls or white women I have fucked in my life time, I really don’t know the exact amount but it’s probably close to over one hundred.

You don’t have to search craigslist and Backpage for girls, you can easily find them on the street. As an Asian guy, you have to keep in mind that not every girl is going to be interested in fucking an Asian guy. You have to understand that some girls don’t want to go out and pick up some random guy on the street and risk their safety. But it’s relative to where you live.

Even if you found them online, they will tend to ask what your Race and Nationality is and what do you do for a living. Some of it is racial of course, most white girls do not want black guys. But alot of them do not mind being fucked by an Asian man. So you just have to call around and shop around, note that they will probably be googling your phone number to do a quickie background check on you. So you might want to use a burner phone or some Voice over IP phone like google voice or something.

Finding hookers in your area can be difficult, but I have found that most of the time, the girls that are willing to fuck on the street or in a club are the type of girls that you really want. The girls that are in a club or someplace like that are usually not willing to give you

Just for the sake of this article and not making it into a novel piece, I have a dedicated section here for all my sexual adventures for you to read.

So how does this process work?

In the past you would just scroll through Backpage or Craigslists under escorts and look for a pretty white girl you like to fuck for the night. Once you find a few, write them down on a list and call each one. They will just advertise their time and amount for their time, anything else that happens between the escort date is strictly between 2 consenting adults 😉

If your Asian and have a slight accent, they will tend to ask you what your Race and Nationality is, most girls do not want black men. And some do not like Asian men, but alot of them will meet up with you if the price is right for the “date”. For me I like to look for Incall locations, incall means that they will be hosting it in their nice hotel room. But if you are on a business trip, they can also do “outcalls” this means they will come to your hotel room. And once they arrive typically you have to tip them extra.

When I first started, I had this thing with blonde girls. So I would just hook up with much young blonde girls as I can, I even fucked few older Milfs. Note their height and body size, if they are shorter and petite. Like 5’2″ blonde and tiny like a spinner, the white girl’s pussy tend to be more tighter. So if you like that, make sure to consider that in your selection.

Typically for just $300.00 you can easily get some pussy, I wouldn’t pay more but it’s up to you and location. If you are in a big city like New York or LA, then of course the price would probably be hire for an escort. But based on my experience the price tend to be cheaper in smaller mid size towns.

Pro and Cons of Paying for Dates and Escorts

The pros in paying for a quickie date like this is that there is no string attach, no drama. No need to buy endless dinners and taking girls out on dates before you can get some pussy for free. The con is that there is no long term emotional relationship. But a wise man once told me, he actually owns few brothels in Nevada. Everybody pays for sex in one way or the other. There is no such thing as free sex.

Another pro is that you will be able to fuck and have sex with much hotter girls than your normal dating pool. And if you need some white pussy tonight for a quickie before a business meeting the next morning, it’s easy as picking up the phone.

Cal State White Girls

Fucking a Young Cal State College White Girl

Here is story of me meeting up with a Cal state student that I fucked before a big job interview, I was very stress and tense. I just flew in on Alaska Airlines from a long flight, and checked into my hotel room. Even masturbating at times like this or watching all the porn online wouldn’t help, so I needed a real human touch. I didn’t look at craigslist, I just called a local escort agency through the Yellow Pages phone book in my Marriot Hotel Room. I just said I need the youngest white girl available for the night, I prefer white and blonde and that she wears a skirt. They told me there was a young 21 year old college student that can come up to my room so they sent her. It will be about 2 hours before arrives, probably needing to put on her makeup and skirt. No blacks, no Asian, no Latinas, just a young white girl with her skirt on. I asked them how much, they say $300 plus whatever I decide to tip the girl.

During the 2 hours I decided to take a shower and decided to watch some paid porn on my Marriott TV after studying for the interview. I was feeling very stress and tense, I ordered some gourmet dinner from room service and they delivered it to my room. Finally the girl arrived and knock on my door. She had a fresh face and beautiful white skin. She is a very attractive blonde, about 5’6″, very elegant and had a nice ass. She has a great body, long legs, and beautiful round tits. Reminds me of the girl next door type, definitely a college coed. I gave her the $300 and another $300 for her tip, so total of $600. She said thank you as she tucked the cash into her purse. She said the agency takes half so this will help her out.

We chatted for a bit, I asked her what her name was? she told me she is Sabrina. Well nice to meet you Sabrina, do you do this full time? she says no she is a college student at Cal state. She works as a barista during the day at Starbucks and during the evening occasionally she will go out on dates sent to her from her agency.

I told her I have a big job interview tomorrow, and I am very stressed right now. I just need some company to relax me for a bit, she then said she can give me some company for the evening to help relax me a bit.

I took her to my king size bed and just said let’s have sex and have a hot and steamy fuck, I love her tiny little white pussy, and she was very tight and wet.

She then proceeded to undress, but I told her to keep all her clothes on. I have a thing for white girls in skirts, it’s like sexual fetish of mine. She just went ahead and took her panties off.

I went ahead and took off my shirt, my shorts, and my underwear. I was completely naked. She then got down on her knees and proceeded to stroke my penis until it got harder and harder.

After it’s fully erect, she put a condom on my dick and proceeded to suck it and gave me a deep blowjob. And oh boy it felt so good, I took both of my hands and pinched my own nipples to add some extra sensory overload to enjoy the moment. Then I placed both my hands gently while running my fingers behind her long blonde hair and pushed her head gently into my balls until she gagged a big. After she was done sucking my cock, I decided to lay on the bed, she got on top of me and rode me in reverse. I then decided to put my hands on her tits and fondle them. She liked it, so she put my hands on her tits and began to rub her nipples and suck them. She then began to suck my balls and then started to give me a handjob. I decided to get her off, so I placed her on her back and slid my cock inside her. She was very wet and I could feel her warm pussy juices dripping down my shaft. She was moaning in pleasure and that made me get even harder. I put a lot of pressure on her clit, she let out a loud moan.

Then I pulled her body down a bit towards the edge of the bed on her back, with her clothes still on I spread eagled her legs while standing at the end of the bed. She already took off her panties, since she didn’t want it to get wet with her cum and all of her pussy juice. I pushed both her white legs down as hard as I can and started to pound her pussy with my cock so hard. And as usual, I had some issues ejaculating. So mentally I pretended I met some hot white girl at Starbucks and now I am raping the shit out of her with her clothes on which resulted in my cock getting even harder like a giant fuck rod. The thought of fucking some young school girl with her skirt lifted up turned me even on. I just imagine I was doing a quickie rape on her. The more I fantasized raping her, the more I fucked her harder and faster. I told her to look into my eyes and smile, she smile and complied. Then I held her body close to me tight as I can while hate fucking the shit out of her young body. I then finally came inside her, I felt all my cum oozing out of my penis. All of my stress and anxiety left my body at that moment through my dick and into her pussy. And then she lifted up her blouse exposing her 2 white breasts for me to suck on and play with for my sexual pleasure. Once she lifted her blouse, I can see that her entire body was pure white. White as snow white like a ceramic doll. She was so hot and sexy while I continue to fuck and rape her in missionary position. I was rough fucking and pounding her, in my mind I was raping her and not making love to her at all. I just wanted to unload all my tension and stress into her through my penis. And trust me it was some serious rough fucking while watching her head bounce up and down on the bed as I thrusted into her like a raging bull. Nothing better than a hate fucking a white girl on her back her legs spread for you. I just wanted to use her body for the evening, nothing more. Just pure raw sex is what I was looking for and I got it.

After I cummed, I put her legs on my shoulders and then she put her legs on my shoulders and we fucked like that for about 30 minutes, she was getting closer to her climax. She had a nice round tits, white big and firm, with nice pink hard nipples. She was so wet and I could feel her cumming. She came and then she told me to cum inside her, so I did. I felt her white cunt contracted around my cock, she was squeezing my cock with her pussy lips and pulling out every last drop of semen out of my dick and eventually draining every thing in my sack until I was shooting blanks.

We laid down and she asked me to stay with her for a while, I did.

During the entire evening I felt so relaxed, we chatted for a bit. She said she enjoyed getting fucked by me and she is actually into Asian guys.

After I finished I gave her a big tip and told her to go back to school and be a doctor or lawyer. She said she is not into school, she is only there for a degree in sociology. She has no intention of getting married or having kids, she said she is a slut or a whore.

Later when Sabrina left, I slept like a baby the entire night. And I aced the job interview the next day, and of course I needed to do a quick celebration and called the same agency again. This time I wanted to fuck a White Milf, click here to read more about it.


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