How to Rape White Girls at Local Churches for Asian Men

How to Rape White Girls at Local Churches
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Tips and Tricks on How to Rape White Girls at Local Churches

Try to find yourself a small bible study group, they typically have activities that you can join and do together. Some churches will have all males and all female groups, so if they are separate and on different days make sure you sign up for them. Why? well it creates good references for you, so if a girl that you would like to fuck sees you surrounded all the time by your buddies. They will think you are a good person and trust you more. The trick here is to make them trust you and feel at ease with you, so when you are around them. Do not make them feel uneasy in your presence, make them feel relax and comfortable.

Base on my experience not all church girls are holy, most of them are just there looking for a guy and they think a church is the best place for them to find someone to be in a relationship with or marriage. But on Fridays they are always out drinking at the bars or visiting their favorite local rock band getting drunk and hammered. Heck I found one that was a stripper, accidentally bumped into her at Deja Vu, but that’s another story 😉

How Can I Get Away with Rape?

For starters, the white girl will not be more open to you since you are an Asian male. The issue is that white girls are much more conservative in their thinking and much more conservative at church. Therefore it takes some time to build up a rapport and gain their trust. Remember that you are not looking for a long term relationship (that’s a different topic), but you a looking for a quickie white pussy to pound, fuck, and rape. So you need to be focus on that objective.  What happens is that in a group environment the white girls will just think they had sex with a “friend” (aka you the Asian Male) and let it go as that. So you will probably not stay in touch with them anymore the next day after you fuck the shit out of them. So be prepared for that mentality, and like wise they probably would not want to share this with their friends in fear of ruining their reputation as a good church girl or seeking a good mate for marriage. Remember, they are there looking for a husband. And the last thing they want others to know, or rumors to go around is that she is local church slut or the church whore. No white guys would want to date or marry a white girl like that 😉 A common slogan I like to use is that every white girl’s hole is a goal. So when you get lucky fucking your white female “friend”, remember to enjoy every moment of it and jack hammer that piece of white pussy as hard and rough as you can. The odds are she will not be speaking with you again the next day, so might as well use her body to the full extent of your wildest fantasy without hurting or bruising her. Remember that she might need to go to work / college the next day or go back to church so it’s a good idea to not have people ask her why she has love Hickies all over her neck and bruises on arms and ankles. But if you are spreading her legs wide open and pushing her “inner” thigh down hard in a missionary position. Then it’s ok since the bruising the inner thigh, based on my experience that area is generally under her skirt and under her jeans, so she will be too embarrass and ashamed to expose it to her friends. Also grabbing and sucking her white Titties as hard as you can is ok, they are generally covered by a bra so it will not be exposed. I have tons of experience grabbing white girl’s Titties so hard that it bruised them really bad 😉 Click here for my story with Ann. And besure to read my story with Jennifer down below on what I did to her breast before raping the shit out of her body and using her the entire night.


My Story with Jennifer

My best case study will be with a girl I met at a church that is about 30-40 minutes away from my town. It was in a more affluent white neighborhood, they had a mega church with tons of white folks. And a huge single’s program that can literally take up an entire normal congregation. Aka the ideal meat market is what I call it. The ratio was good amount of females to males. I got very lucky here few times at this location, but let me share with you with a girl I met here.

Jennifer was a mutual friend of ours, she was really into another guy, aka a very good common buddy of mine. I guess he is quite the lady’s man. Jennifer was an attractive looking brunette, young in her 20’s and looking for a relationship. And boy she was good looking alright, every time I see her my cock would just get hard in my pants. After few months with that church, one of our bible study small group members got married. Jennifer and I was there at the wedding, and she got really sad and had a bit too much to drink. Later on we drove down to a local night Pub where a local cover band was playing.

Well she got more alcohol there and was totally wasted by the time the bar closed, around 2am in the morning. My buddy told me if I can drive her to my place to crash for the night.

Well for me in my mind, I went and said “Jackpot”. I am gonna get some free pussy tonight with this white girl.

I told her she can crash at my place. She trusted me and I took her to my home and she left her car there on the side of the street.

The Raping and Ravishment of Jennifer (Rape Fantasy Story)

We got to my home, she started puking in the toilet bowl but it’s all ok. Later she cleaned up a bit and I took her to crash on my bed 😉

As she started to passed out and sleep, I cuddled next to her from behind and stuck my hand under her browse and slipped my finger down her bra and fondles her nipples in a spooning position. Just to test her out, girls are sensitive at the nipples and it kind of turns them on I kept on fondling her breast and playing with it.

Later I stuck my hand up her skirt and grabbed and fondled her ass, for me I have a thing with white girls wearing skirts. So this was the perfect scenario for me to fuck and rape her like this. Grabbing her butt cheeks like that made my cock so hard.

Well at first I was nervous when she grabbed by hand lightly, but was also shock to see that she wanted me to finger her pussy when she pushed my hand up her cunt few times. Later I got more and more aggressive in fingering her pussy. When she started to move her pelvis up and down while I was spooning her. That’s the sign that her pussy is nice and wet and she is ready to be fucked.

I went ahead and got up, took off all my clothes and was completely naked. But I wanted to fuck her with her clothes still on. I have a thing for girls that are CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male), especially with a skirt that is ready to be ravished. My cock was hard, I open my drawer and got my condom. I told her not to worry as I slipped on the condom, and slowly climbed on top of her and mounted her. Even though the lights were off, the outside street lights and moonlight was able to light up the room a bit through the curtains.

I proceeded to lift up her skirt, moved her panties aside and started to eat that pussy. And yup, she tasted like cigarettes’ but it was ok (Bitch smokes all the time). Her pubic cunt hair was brunette, same color as her hair so she is all natural white girl. And OMG, she was white alright, I mean like totally white under that skirt and under her blouse. I lifted up her blouse, and pushed up a bra to expose her small breast , I heard the bra snapping so I probably pushed to hard, next time I was more experience in unhooking girls bras but for this it was just the heat of the moment.

I told her everything is ok and I love her, shhhhh it’s ok. I love you Jennifer… then I got her into a missionary position and proceeded to rape that white cunt like it’s no tomorrow. With her legs wide open and me fucking her like a horny Asian dude. I started to kiss her and stick my tongue into her mouth passed her lips while my cock is penetrating in and out of her pussy tight pussy. I stopped and turned her over, she was still in missionary position and I stuck my cock into her mouth. I told her to suck me and she sucked my cock like a good girl. But then I noticed that she was drooling on my cock, so I decided to fuck her mouth some more. I slid my cock into her mouth again and again, I fucked her mouth with all my might.

Later I got her on her back and straddled her. She had an ass that looked perfect for me to fuck. I put my cock into her ass and started to pound her ass like a dog in heat. She moaned like a slutty bitch that just got fucked by the badass Asian Male ever.

Then I flipped her over again and pounded her pussy again like a jack hammer on steroids, interestingly enough every time I rape and fuck that bitch, her head keeps on bobbing up and down on the bed lying on her back. Eventually her entire body keeps on moving up the bed towards the wall and her head keeps on hitting the cement wall, I had to pull her down again and again, eventually fucking and raping her repeatedly that way for the entire night.

Eventually she took both her hands and covered her face and made a small little cry, and tried to push me off with her two hand. It didn’t matter as I kept on fucking her until I cum. Once I cum she covered her face and made a whimper cry again (Yup she knew she just had been raped), and I rolled over and passed out. I need a 2nd shot so I just masturbated a bit to get the rest of the Asian cum out of my sack and just unloaded it all. Believe it or not she got up and leaned over watching my jacking off onto my pillow to see what I was doing. What a total touch down success, I scored big on this one 🙂 an instant sense of relief.

The next day she woke me up around 7am and told me to not tell anyone what happened, aka that she slept with me. And that she did not remember anything at all from the night before. Later on I got dressed and drove her back to the bar when she left her car there by the road. She was a bit worried that she might get ticket, but she didn’t 🙂

Later that night, we had our singles Church service. I tried texting and calling her again, but when I saw her at the church. She pretended she didn’t know me and tried to stay away from me. Instant jackpot, another pussy scored. And like I said before, she really didn’t want anyone else to know that I fucked her or she might be labeled as the church slut. To me it didn’t matter, I just marked her down as another easy score. Every white girl’s hole is a goal, and let’s just say all holes objective’s were reached.

Common AMWF FAQ Questions

How To Get In Touch With Women On The Internet

So you know that there are many white girls online, and they are all in the same place, the same chat rooms. The question is how do you get in touch with these white girls on the internet.

There are many websites that cater to this need, one of the most popular ones is called “chaturbate”. This website is specifically for webcam girls and other people that are into the webcam business.


As you can see, you can easily get some white pussy to rape and fuck at your local white church. You just need to plan it out step by step and get laid that way 😉 Every white girl’s hole is a goal, and it’s something you must plan for. If you are young and still in your 20’s it’s very easy for you to get laid with unlimited pussy and you don’t even need to pay money for it. I hope this article will be a guide for all Asian Men out there that is looking for some guidance in their sexual adventure.

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