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Vegas Tips of the Week

As the work week comes to a close, it’s time to cover my Vegas tips of the week, curated from my favorite bloggers and fellow Vegas fanatics.

Tip #1

I’m going to be honest. You all deserve that; we’re close now. Truthfully, I have no strategy when I play myVegas slots. I know, I know. How can such a responsible gambler like me be so reckless in a free, virtual casino? I think it’s because I didn’t know there was a strategy. Have you just been foolishly spinning the reels hoping to get lucky, eventually building your LP bankroll to purchase a free buffet or comped room? Me too, it’s ok. Apparently, you can apply a particular strategy to maximize the number of LPs you earn per spin. Thanks to @meltzvegas for bringing it to my attention. Buzz Bishop, author of the Cyber Buzz blog, details his strategy to make your play more efficient.

Tip #2

I really like it when people explain their step-by-step process of achieving a particular travel goal. So, I’ve enjoyed reading our friend over at Comped Vegas. The website is new, but it chronicles the author’s activities to achieve Diamond status with Caesars’ Total Rewards program and how he obtained enough points to obtain the coveted companion pass with Southwest Airlines. I’m looking forward to future updates.


While not from a blogger or expert, it’s important nonetheless. Cool Guy Tony, a sometimes cohost of the Vegas Fanboy podcast made a point on a recent episode on tipping in Las Vegas. We both agree that tipping well is a must, but also a good investment for a good time and better service. If you tip well your first time at a particular bar, you can ensure that your service will be speedier and more friendly the rest of your time there.  Remember as well, tip for what the cost of the service would have been if discounts had not been removed. This is especially important to remember if you’re redeeming myVegas rewards. And please, remember to leave a little something for housekeeping each day. It’s a thankless job and surely not fun cleaning up Vegas hotel rooms post busy weekend.



photo credit: Matthias Ott